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The Grocery/CPG Industry Primed For Mobile Disruption

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This is a very timely article from the Mobile Marketer on 4 industries primed for mobile.

Woman using mobile phone while shopping in supermarket

One of them is the grocery stores primed for mobile marketing and this is an excerpt from the article:

Our grandparents, and even our parents, had a simple shopping routine when it came to weekly groceries. They would get the weekly print circular out of the mail and then head off to their favorite store to get what they need.
But times have changed and so have our shopping habits. Print, radio and television barely make up half of our daily media consumption.
Besides consuming more content on mobile – think coupons – we are shopping at more grocery stores than generations before.
The days of family loyalty to one store do not really exist any more. Forty-five percent of grocery shoppers go to two or more stores to check off their lists, while 30 percent shop at four or more stores. The lesson?
Consumers are looking for best deals and they are looking for their mobile devices to guide them there.
So how can the grocery/CPG establishments capitalize?
An omnichannel mobile strategy gives the consumer the complete shopping experience she wants – product browsing, checkout, deals and specials, and delivery – from the palm of her hand. It also allows brands to reach their consumers through targeted ads that directly influence path to purchase, using technologies such as geofencing, mobile CRM and verified in-store walk in.


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