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No Joke, Mobilegeddon is 20 Days away. Is your site ready?

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Google has announced it’s going to be adding Mobile-friendly and indexed apps to its search ranking algorithm, in what many SEO’s are affectionately referring to as Mobilegeddon. According to Google this will be the largest search algorithm update in terms of number of websites affected in a very long time. So what does this all mean and what you need to do to prepare? In this article we’ll be going over who this will affect and how to best ensure that your website is prepped and ready.


Google was hard pressed to release any details on the specific number of queries affected but we do know that close to 60% of all Google searches are done through a mobile device. Odds are if you are at the upper end of the search spectrum, your site is already mobile optimized and you won’t get too much of a boost unless your direct competitor falls. The same is probably true for the site that already get very little traffic and doesn’t have a mobile friendly site (because they aren’t getting traffic from mobile anyway).


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