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Mobile marketing deserving of a retention strategy..YA THINK!

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imagesThough mobile marketing is a highly effective way to acquire customers, brands must view the channel as one for building relationships if they’re to harness its full potential.

That’s the view of Thomas Enraght-Moony, a writer at who says that an increase in mobile ad spend carries good and bad news for consumers, businesses and the channel.

On one hand there will always be people looking to build their campaigns the right way – by offering things of genuine value to the consumer – but customers are likely to become disillusioned with brands using mobile due to the increase in messages.

However, by using SMS marketing and other techniques to hold on to customers, brands can still put themselves above the competition.

Mr Enraght-Moony explains that a solid strategy forms and builds a relationship by offering things of genuine interest to the consumer. Companies were advised to capture data in order to establish the interests and buying habits of each ‘opted-in’ mobile owner, using this information to broadcast their messages.

From there, according to, Mr Enraght-Moony says it’s all about timing.

“Understanding mobile as a relation channel means understanding opt-in, the right time to push a message, the right mobile channel to push it on (whether using SMS, MMS, in-app notifications or email), the right frequency and the right offer based on the individual consumer.”

Mr Enraght-Moony explains that building trust through this strategy is the best way to tackle mobile marketing, with the only alternative being to spend even more money to win back all the customers that have opted-out.

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