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4 Invaluable Mobile Marketing Tips for Small Business.

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1V1NUWith a variety of new tools and opportunities becoming available daily, keeping up with the digital marketplace has become a full time job for small business marketers. Everywhere you look, another channel has been added to the list of where your message should be disseminated.

Yet amidst the burgeoning additions to the digital scene, a familiar player has continued to grow into a must-have aspect of online marketing: mobile. Mobile has exploded on the global scene and promises to change the way we market forever.

In 2012 there are over 6 billion mobile subscribers worldwide (85% of the world’s population), making it obvious that to stay ahead of the pack, you’ve got to create mobile friendly content.

Don’t know how to dive in? Follow these 4 mobile marketing tips:

1. Create content to fit the “8 minute rule”.
Empirical evidence has shown that people have difficulty focusing on one topic for more than 8 minutes. To fit that small window of time, mobile content must say more with less.

Combine this aspect with the reality of users on the go who don’t even have 8 minutes to spend and it’s obvious mobile messaging must do 4 things simultaneously:

  • Invite users to read content through compelling language
  • Provide relevant information that users find valuable
  • Fit all types of screen sizes (think smart phones vs. touch pad technology)
  • Overcome mobile barriers such as spam filters and display limitations (i.e. can subscribers see your content or do their devices block your images?)

With mobile-friendly content, you must shrink every aspect – from headlines to text to graphics – while keeping the message robust.

2. Remember that sharing is caring.
From Facebook and Twitter to email and SMS (Short Messaging Service) also known as text message marketing, mobile is all about sharing information. Take advantage of users’ natural affinity for sharing by:

  • Providing special offers for those who “like”, “share” or “tweet” about your content via their mobile devices.
  • Inviting users to share their videos/pictures and comments.
  • Creating mobile networks of users who can connect to each other through your brand (i.e. a boat dealership could invite boaters interested in the newest sailing technology to join their mobile “what’s new on board” community).

The desire of humans to connect with each other is an innately powerful tool you can leverage with your mobile content. Studies show that the more engaged prospects become, the more likely they are to buy and spend more. Sharing is your entre’ to prospects engagement.

3. Make subscribers feel special.
The best way to motivate users to stick with your mobile content is to reward them. You can create any number of reward programs specially designed to grab subscribers’ attention and keep them inviting you back for more.

Try incorporating QR (Quick Response) codes into your marketing materials. Subscribers who utilize their smart mobile devices to access your content can receive exclusive rewards and offers.

4. Build friendships via mobile content.
Become a trusted friend to mobile subscribers by creating campaigns that build upon the natural friend-factor of mobile connections:

  • Create SMS messaging with personal greetings.
  • Design email campaigns based on subscribers’ needs (provide additional fields in email campaign registration allowing prospects’ to share interests/problems).
  • Provide your friendly content for various devices – (mobile phone users may need briefer content to keep up with their on-the-go behavior while touch pad subscribers may enjoy more extensive messaging to fit sitting and reading).

The best friends don’t overstay their welcomes. Be sensitive to subscribers’ needs – limit your mobile content to relevant, timely information.

Mobile devices present a multitude of opportunities to market on a more intimate scale. It’s no longer “if” you should incorporate mobile into your online marketing but “how”. Make sure your message is device-and user-compatible and you’ll notice a healthy uptick in your brand’s following.


One thought on “4 Invaluable Mobile Marketing Tips for Small Business.

  1. Focus your plans on mobile marketing. Be clear about the reasons for mobile marketing and your expectations. Mobile responsive design is content or layout that automatically adapts to any screen size. When the audience and the technology are clear, the crafting of a message will also gain clarity.


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