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Top 10 Ways to Optimize Your Mobile Marketing Efforts


1. Remember the fundamentals first. qw1

Sure, mobile is a marketing game changer, but the best campaigns still rely on good old fashioned business principals.  In this case, it’s bad business to put the technology cart before the marketing horse.

Identifying what your customers want and need and then leveraging these insights to communicate the benefits of relevant solutions you offer before you decide which mobile strategies to use is always the best first approach.

2. Be more relevant.  

Numerous studies show the more relevant content and ad experiences are – those most in line with specific consumer interests – the more exponentially effective they’ll be.

Smart marketers know how to move mobile users to the narrowest point of the purchase funnel by leveraging contextual information to positively impact user engagement and improve overall ad-supported mobile media experiences.  Greater relevancy to your audience’s known interests or to the content they’re actively engaged with nets the best marketing results.

qw23. Retarget in the real world.

When it comes to retargeting, marketers can glean deeper mobile user intent info from social media posts and from real-time location markers, such as routine and predictive shopping behaviors at local stores or restaurants.  As technology improves and data becomes more readily available, it will also be very beneficial to offer ad solutions based on a mobile user’s previous interests.  Being able to tie those interests to your brand or products will enhance the efficiency and effectiveness of your mobile media spend.

For some marketers, location-based data can also indicate product-specific purchase intent where retargeting can successfully reinforce relevant offers, promotions and merchandise and service benefits.

4. Be more creative.  

As Land Rover’s Evoque ad campaign taught us, creativity makes a huge impact on mobile user engagement.  This was evidenced by the automaker’s use of fully-interactive touch-and-motion sensor ads enabling users to build their dream Evoque by changing features such as body style or color with the swipe of a finger, or to access panoramic views of the Evoque’s interior when iPhones or iPads were rotated or tilted.

In the end, users engaged nearly a minute and a half on average and had purchase intent 2.5 times higher than those responding to an Evoque TV ad.  Be creative and watch ad engagement grow.

5. Don’t forget to integrate.qw3

The most successful marketing campaigns are those that integrate across channels.  Align mobile content with TV, print, radio and live events.  Develop campaign-centric dedicated landing pages from mobile ads.  Use 2-D/QR codes to direct users from print applications to mobile sites with dedicated URLs to gauge performance.

6. Get to the point.

Be mindful of the way people use their handheld devices and implement marketing strategies someone would appreciate most when they’re on the go.  Chances are, users want quick access to relevant information, services that recognize they’re on the move and location-based activity-centric solutions wherever they might be, at any given time.

Concise messaging combined with strategies that enhance the functionality and helpfulness of a mobile device will help increase a user’s appreciation of your business.

qw47. Evaluate your mobile site…then reevaluate it.

As obvious as it seems, evaluating and/or optimizing your mobile site on a routine basis is Rule One in achieving mobile success.  Are primary keywords secured and synched?  Is content categorized by user importance?  Is the interface clean and easy to navigate?  What’s the average load time?  Is it optimized across a variety of platforms?

According to a recent study by Google, 61% of people said that they’d quickly move onto another site if they didn’t find what they were looking for right away on a mobile site, while 67% of users are more likely to buy from a mobile-friendly site.

Do you know how well your site performs?  Do you know what content people are most interested in viewing when visiting from a mobile device?  Understanding these things is just the first step.  The next step is optimizing your site according to this understanding and continuing to optimize it as the interests of your audience change.  At the very least, stay with the curve.  At best, be ahead of it.

8. Tap social via mobile.

Smart marketers enable mobile users to easily and quickly enter a company’s social media sphere.  Mobile apps and icon-embedded marketing content are perfect gateways for mobile users to follow or like a company, or to post reviews.  Give users a fun reason to do so, or reward them when they do, to increase your chances for success.

9. Embrace the need for consumer control.qw5

This coming year, look for advanced mobile technologies like Apple’s Identifier for Advertising (IFA) to enable both sides of the age-old marketing debate (proponents of behavioral tracking/targeting versus privacy activists) to peacefully coexist – or at least, to allow them to get along better than they did before.

In the meantime, marketers should understand that when it comes to consumer consideration, it’s more a matter of control than privacy.  Enabling consumers to have an active hand in choosing when, where, why and how they wished to be marketed to by putting them in control of the information they share about themselves results in a highly targeted, highly engaged audience.

Mobile marketing (marketing in general, for that matter) will prove to be more successful if we all do a better job of listening to and understanding what our customers want instead of telling them what they want.

10. Keep mobile commerce solutions simple.

Mobile commerce obstacles can be eliminated by simplifying the purchase journey.  Paths to acquisition should be intuitive, calls-to-action clear and obvious, and click-to-buy and/or click-to-call features conveniently presented.  Users should never be more than one to two steps away from inquiring about or purchasing a product or service.

In short, mobile devices provide marketers a new platform to relevantly reach extensive and highly targeted audiences.  Clearly define the goals of your campaign, explore the many different options available to reach your target audience, then choose the options that best help you reach those goals.  Develop a creative campaign that leverages your existing marketing assets while allowing users to engage with your business in the unique ways that mobile devices allow.

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4 thoughts on “Top 10 Ways to Optimize Your Mobile Marketing Efforts

  1. Let me reinforce the value of #9. It is the reality of consumer control. They will either manage it with tools or manage it by ignorning the messaging that is deemed inappropriate.


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