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Mobile Moves to the Forefront of Marketing

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Mobile marketing has gone from being an outlier to being a part of a company’s marketing mix to being the first thing companies think about when marketing, Joe imagesCincotta, managing director, Pixolut, an Australia-based, digital advertising agency, told Mobile Marketing & Technology today.

Cincotta will be a member of the analyst panel for the Mobile Marketing & Technology Spring 2013 Mobile Payments Conference, April 10-11 at the Helen Mills Event Space and Theater in New York City.

“Our frame of reference has changed,” Cincotta added. “The mobile platform is now robust. It offers a good experience.”

The mobile user is more active than the traditional consumer that marketers are used to targeting through other channels, Cincotta explained. “Our frame of reference has changed.”

The mobile user doesn’t even think about using device; it’s just second nature, unlike a desktop computer. And the mobile user will be conducting searches, watching videos and otherwise consuming content on the device in a much more active way than consumers who are using other communications channels.

Consumers have gone from being static to being mobile, Cincotta added. So companies have to adapt their marketing to adjust to this new paradigm.

For example, the Sydney, Australia Opera House recently engaged in a marketing campaign that included a mobile app, YouTube videos for devices with online capability, outdoor interactive displays and traditional billboards. The campaign was integrated across the different channels to reach a wide variety of consumers.

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One thought on “Mobile Moves to the Forefront of Marketing

  1. When NFC is implemented along with mobile marketing, it will really expand content and behaviors. I just attended an NFC Bootcamp in Irvine this week where they discussed mobile payments and marketing applications. Companies like and have already entered this space with success.


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