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Most mobile marketing companies are blowing it! (Is yours?)

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Consumers get offended if they receive generic, mass-oriented messages on the mobile phone. The creative agencies behind some of these complex campaigns seem to have lost this point in their approach to mobile.














In an article titled “Are agencies being cut out of mobile marketing plans?” by Mobile Marketer last month brought up the question whether larger brands are starting to build in-house expertise in mobile marketing.

Brands are seeing that their agencies cannot deliver the mobile expertise they are after, and they want to move quicker onto mobile than their agencies can help them with.

This way, marketers also gain more control of the development of their brands on mobile, and can follow the development of the mobile medium more closely.

When the Internet took off in the mid-to late ‘90s, most agencies were slow to build the expertise needed to cater to a new digital era.

As a result, a lot of brands came late to the game and shifts were seen as to who maintained their market leader and challenger positions.

Brands want to ensure that this does not happen again, and are therefore starting to build this competence themselves.


One thought on “Most mobile marketing companies are blowing it! (Is yours?)

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