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Why isn’t your business using Mobile Marketing—Lack of Resources or Lack of Strategy?


How much is your small business spending on mobile marketing this year? If you’re like most marketers these days, you’re spending more, but still don’t have the resources to devote as much money and manpower to mobile marketing as you’d like.

Email services provider StrongMail recently surveyed more than 800 business executives and found 45 percent of their companies were using mobile marketing. However, the concept is still relatively new, with 57 percent having used it for less than a year.

Marketers are making up for lost time, though. More than half (55 percent) say their mobile budgets have already increased, and 70 percent say their mobile budgets will increase in the next 12 months. And among those not currently using mobile marketing, three-fourths plan to start within the next year.

Why are marketers using mobile marketing? More than half say they think it will help gain new customers, boost sales and increase awareness of their brand.

What are the most popular types of mobile marketing? Although mobile websites (used by 70 percent), mobile apps (used by 55 percent) and QR codes (used by 49%) were the most popular methods of mobile marketing, even these were used by fewer than half of marketers.

How is email being integrated with mobile marketing? StrongMail found 43 percent of companies integrate email with their mobile marketing efforts. However, there is still a ways to go: Only 27 percent use cross-channel advertising campaigns with mobile messaging, and only 29 percent use mobile response data to optimize email offers.

How much are businesses spending on mobile marketing? Again, there is still a long way to go: Over half (54%) of businesses spend 5 percent of their marketing budgets or less to the mobile marketing. But nearly one-fourth of businesses allocate less than 1 percent of their marketing budgets to mobile marketing.

As for businesses that still don’t participate in mobile marketing, “lack of strategy” was cited as the top reason companies didn’t launch a mobile program (37 percent), with “lack of resources” close behind (22 percent).

For more on the benefits of mobile marketing and the kinds of results small businesses that do implement it are seeing, be sure to check out’s Small Business Mobile Marketing Survey.


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