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Understanding the Mobile Consumer


Newly released data from Google and market research company Ipsos supports what you already know: the burgeoning landscape of mobile marketing is poised to explode as consumers increasingly rely on their smartphones for entertainment, to shop, and to search online.

According to Google’s Our Mobile Planet research, smartphone penetration increased 13% over last year, with 44% of the U.S. population now owning a smartphone with 66% accessing the Internet on a daily basis. That smartphone stat doesn’t put the U.S. in the top tier globally, though. Australia, the U.K., Sweden, Norway, Saudi Arabia and UAE all have smartphone uptake rates over 50%.

The recent flak service providers like Verizon and Sprint caught with capping dubiously titled “unlimited data” plans hasn’t seemed to slow consumers’ fervor for utilizing their smartphones to shop, with an overwhelming 96% claiming to have researched a product or service on their phone and 57% conducting general searches everyday.

Among the other stats: 89% of smartphone users notice mobile ads and 66% visit a business online or in-store after a local search.

Marketers should keep in mind, however, that much like searching on a traditional computer, SEO still plays a crucial role as 61% of smartphone users only look at the first page of results. That being said, fleeting attention spans can be channeled into successful campaigns by capitalizing on the fact that 86% of people use their smartphone while consuming other media: 52% watching TV, 51% listening to music on their smartphone, and 34% watching movies.

See more in the infographic here and the Our Mobile Planet site.


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