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Mobile Marketing Jobs Heating Up in the US

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More than 6,000 ads for jobs in the mobile marketing space were posted online over the past 90 days in the US, according to WANTED Analytics. Hiring demand for marketing professionals with mobile skill sets has exploded – seeing a 26 per cent year-over-year growth compared to the same period in 2011, 134 per cent compared to 2010, and more than 400 per cent against 2009.

The highest concentration of mobile marketing jobs is in the New York metropolitan area, making up more than 1,000 of the job ads.

According to WANTED’s Hiring Scale, which measures conditions in local job markets, recruiters in San Francisco face the most challenging conditions when recruiting candidates, since hiring demand outpaces the local talent pool of qualified candidates. This means a longer time-to-fill than other areas across the US, with job ads stating online for an average of six weeks.


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