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‘The Hunger Games’ Sets Mobile Ticket Sales Record

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The Hunger Games has raked in a projected $155m at the box office on opening weekend, setting a new record for a non-sequel release in theaters. The latest film sensation also set a record for mobile ticket sales.
Fandango reported that 22 per cent of opening weekend ticket sales were arranged on mobile devices. That represents the largest share of ticket sales for any movie in Fandango’s 12-year history. Mobile ticket sales on Friday also hit an all-time record for the site.

Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, Part 2 was the previous record holder for mobile ticket sales at Fandango.

“Fandango’s record-breaking percentage of the film’s opening weekend is a testament to the growing popularity of online and mobile ticketing as the way to go to the movies,” says Fandango executive vice president and general manager Rick Butler. “It’s rare to see the first film in a franchise performing like an established sequel, but ‘The Hunger Games’ is a true phenomenon. Fans have given it our highest ‘Must Go!’ rating, with Web and mobile ticket sales still going strong on Monday.

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