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How do businesses save time and money? (Mobile app development of course…)


Mobile apps give businesses efficiency savings, according to CNBC.

The study has shown that 31 percent of small firms with 20 or less employees had a mobile app strategy in place. Of those businesses that were using mobile apps, they were found to have average savings of 5.6 hours a week.

In conjunction with the total number of small firms in the U.S., the study estimates that 1.28 million small-business owners are saving time with mobile app usage.
“Hours of paper-pushing, administrative work, customer research, extra driving trips and unproductive downtime add up very quickly,” SBE Council President and CEO Karen Kerrigan said in a statement.

“Mobile apps are allowing small-business owners and their employees to get more time from their day and to focus on higher value work.” The study goes on further to estimate that small firms are saving $275 per week, up to $14,000 per year. This is based on number of employee hours saved, according to average pay for small business.
The use of mobile apps which can be developed to spare businesses time on lesser tasks such as bookkeeping, document sharing and travel. As a result of app usage, 49 percent of the owners surveyed said their firm was able to spend more time on increasing sales and creating new revenue streams, while 36 percent said app usage allowed them to cut overhead costs.

Perhaps most significant, 51 percent of small-firm owners said app usage allowed their business to become more competitive and better able to maneuver through an uncertain economy.

Business and Enterprise apps can be developed to suit the size and purpose of your business. They can range in complexity and functionality.


2 thoughts on “How do businesses save time and money? (Mobile app development of course…)

  1. whether promoting your mobile app can make a big difference in its success, if its success how the update of the mobile app done in the business to save the time and money….can you explain please….


  2. Great question M.A.D! I will be addressing this very issue in my next post…stay tuned. In the meantime, have a great weekend!


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