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How Can Email Campaigns Benefit From Mobile Marketing?

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By syncing a mobile marketing effort with an email campaign, marketers can increase the open rates of their messages. As more consumers ditch their personal computers and adopt smartphones and tablets, it becomes increasingly important for firms to optimize their efforts for the medium.

Over the past six months, the number of consumers accessing their email from the iPad has increased by 15 percent, MediaPost reported. Additionally, the number of consumers checking their inboxes from their mobile devices increases significantly on the weekend, when people are away from the office. Marketers should leverage this information and adjust their efforts to target these consumers.

“Relevance is about so much more than just content,” George Bilbrey wrote for the source. “The time of day, day of the week or hour in the day you send something can greatly impact users’ behavior and their relationship with your email. With the increase in mobile email readership, people are constantly accessing and reading email.”

Timing is especially important with an email campaign – when accessed on a mobile device, it becomes even more relevant. A poorly timed campaign has the potential to be overlooked, and may push a consumer to unsubscribe, therefore marketers must be sure to optimize their timing via tests.


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