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Business Professionals Rely on Mobile Marketing For Networking

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Small business owners are beginning to heavily rely on mobile marketing in order to boost their firm’s visibility to consumers. Recently, it has become a priority for entrepreneurs to be accessible for business purposes.

According to a survey conducted by Manta, nearly one-third of small business owners use their smartphones at least once per hour for work, and four out of every 10 professionals access applications from their mobile devices two to three times daily. Additionally, professionals are recognizing the importance of mobile for networking purposes – 40 percent of entrepreneurs add a contact’s information to their mobile device directly after meeting them.

“It’s become clear that more and more businesses are looking to mobile applications and solutions that drive business results, whether it’s developing key relationships, connecting with customers, prospects and partners or finding new customers,” said Pamela Springer, president and CEO of Manta, in a statement.

Entrepreneurs have also begun to rely on mobile marketing to boost productivity in the workplace. Enterprise mobility applications have become more relevant recently, and ABI Research anticipates 830 million consumers will be leveraging these types of applications by 2016.


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