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Technology RULES: Majority Shift To Smartphones

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By the end of 2010, 30% of all new devices sold in the United States were smartphones. That number is only going to go up.

Nielsen predicts that by the end of 2011, fully 50% of all phones — about 120 million devices — used in the United States will be smartphones.

Nielsen believes that 66% of all phones will be either iOS or Android. That would reflect an increase from about 35 million today, to 80 million by the fourth quarter of 2011.
Nielsen didn’t guess at how that split would work between Android and iOS, though Android will likely take the larger percentage. The remaining 40 million smartphones in the U.S. will run BlackBerry OS, WebOS, and Windows Phone 7.

The introduction of low-cost Android devices with lower-cost monthly plans will accelerate smartphone adoption.


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