The Mobile Marketer

Mobile is becoming not only the new digital hub but also the bridge to the physical world. That’s why mobile will affect more than just your digital operations — it will transform your entire business

The game has changed and your customers will demand a new style of interacting with your business.


If you are thinking about building a mobile website and wondering why you need one at all, you’ll want to understand why the mobile web is truly a different medium. The game has changed and your customers will demand a new style of interacting with your business.

The power of the connected mobile device is changing the expectations of your visitors. The device is now truly powerful and being connected makes it infinitely useful. Visitors in store as well as on your mobile site have a new way to interact with your brand. This is not just a portable website.

Many companies think it is enough to merely get your desktop website to display on the small screen of a mobile web browser. But that ‘one way’ broadcast of your site is just the very minimum consideration of this new relationship. Don’t short change your customers by only thinking about site display. Create a Mobile Website to leverage all of the phone’s capability. It is about the power of interacting with your customers who are now moving around with a powerful computer in their pocket! As you create your mobile experience, here are 4 tips to take advantage of the new mobile relationship:

Display for Speed

The distance between a mobile user and the information they require should be 1 or 2 clicks away. The mobile audience is an impatient bunch. They want their mobile sites to load fast (sub-10 seconds) and they want information easy to get to. Pulling, zooming and trying to use fingers to hit buttons that are pen-point sized just isn’t a good experience at all.
Make your website mobile friendly will make your customers happy because the site loads fast, and the information they need is right in front of them with buttons that human fingers can handle.

Build “Locationships”

If you give customers valuable reasons to interact with your brand on mobile they will come back. That might mean coupons, special incentives or even latest news and loyalty programs. More than just display, you can help your customers connect with you by using features of the phone that go beyond display. Mobile web readers will expect more.

Help Them To Share

Mobile just makes people want to share! Something about the mobile experience makes people avid content creators and they love to share with their connections. By giving your customers a compelling experience, you’ll find that your fans will want to share what they are doing on mobile with their buddies.

Make Their Lives Easier

Reformating alone won’t cut it. If you can offer interactions at the point of sale, do it. Use QR codes to get them involved with your digital brand in your physical location. Explore mobile commerce now, so you will be ready when mobile becomes the
primary wallet for your customers. Now is the time to test and there are solutions out there to make the mobile web very cost effective.

Mobile viewers are not a patient bunch. Consider the mobile viewer wants to find information fast. Get to the point with them on mobile.

We have fairly powerful machines in our pocket now and they are connected to the Internet! Merely pushing your desktop website does not take the best part of mobile website functionality into consideration. What makes a mobile phone site an entirely new medium includes access to new set of digital inputs and outputs including geo-position, camera, text, and voice. These capabilities alone enable a host of new computing scenarios including geo-targeting of offers, mobile commerce, and social media creation.

The growth of the mobile web is just beginning.


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