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7 in 10 marketers struggle to understand social media conversation…”Gee, Ya Think?”

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Marketers say they are still struggling to understand social media. According to Alterian’s poll, one-third (33%) said they have little or no understanding of what conversations are about their brand, while 40% said they’re using a mish-mash of ad hoc tools to track and measure them.

“The Alterian survey results show the majority of brands lack direction on what exactly to measure and analyze, how to go about it, and how to utilize that information to continually improve on their marketing efforts,” said David Eldridge, CEO of Alterian.

“It’s crucial for marketers to seek guidance and the right tools in order to develop a strategic plan that allows them to fully engage with customers across channels.”

The survey revealed the majority of marketers (80%) are aware their lack of understanding and disjointed measurement of social media is putting their brands at risk.

Despite their struggle to master the social space, three-quarters of marketers polled will spend more money on social this year than last. Will this introduce methods to finally monetize social media? Stay tuned…


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