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Marketers warned not to limit mobile strategy to one platform…

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The growing preference among consumers for the Android platform over the iPhone should be a warning to marketers that limiting mobile strategies to just one platform, or just apps, is short-sighted.

With the Android platform predicted to grow at more than twice the rate of its major competitors in the coming year, industry experts are warning marketers to look beyond the trend for iPhone apps and consider multiple platforms.

Android is gaining in popularity among users and developers alike. Users say the apps available for Android are better than those for other smartphones, and developers prefer its more transparent and less controlled environment.

Figures just out from mobile ad provider Mojiva show 6 out of 10 of unique users on their network are using an Android-powered device.

Another area marketers need to focus on is the mobile Internet – a space that can be accessed from multiple platforms. Research has suggested that, as the mobile Internet experience improves thanks to faster devices, improving 4G networks and HTML5, users are increasingly ditching apps for mobile Internet browsing.

According to the CEO of Impact Mobile, Gary Schwartz, the mobile browser is the ultimate app. “It happened on the desktop from widgets to browser. Now we are seeing this in an accelerated fashion with mobile thanks to HTML5,” he said.

In October last year, research from DotMobi found a whopping 2000% growth in mobile-ready websites since 2008.


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