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Nice Stats for the Top 3 Interactive Advertising Recommendations for 2011


Borrell Associates identifies 3 ways for digital media publishers to grow interactive advertising revenue.

1. Invest in mobile marketing now.

In a survey of 3,300 business owners in 2010, 15% identified that they have tried some form of mobile advertising. Looking ahead, 44% said that they would be somewhat likely to try mobile advertising in 2011. These businesses form the foundation for growth in the coming year. Mobile advertising reached $6.3 Billion in 2010 and is expected to grow to $42.1 Billion in 5 years. That is the fastest trajectory of media growth in history. Digital media publishers that can deliver a rapt audience for these business owners will stand to profit from the sale of advertising around these products.

2. Get your deal-on and start leveraging promotions.

The daily deal phenomenon rocked online advertising in 2010, and consumers netted $4.4 Billion in savings from these deals alone. These deals have added a new dynamic to the relationship between the publisher and the small business. The deal is a partnership between publisher and advertiser and an opportunity for each party to participate in revenue. Daily deals, to be successful, must be selective and the publisher must be willing to say no to a deal if it isn’t sweet enough.

3. Use an integrated marketing approach with your clients.

Advertising can be used for lead generation or for branding, but most small business owners focus on leads. How many clicks did they get? How many people visited a store? One way to satisfy this desire for leads is to provide services to help small business owners build a database of prospects. E-mail, social networks, and SMS lists can be connected to traditional or digital media advertising to add more interesting and actionable metrics to any campaign.


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