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Women use mobile search to find sex & career advice (Just Reporting!)


Women aren’t yet comfortable with using their mobile devices for m-commerce, according to new research from iCrossing, instead preferring to use them to find advice or as entertainment.

It turns out their mobiles devices are portable agony aunts.

The vast majority of mobile searches by women were found to be advice related – anything from sex and relationships to recipes and career advice. Sex advice and weight loss, both very personal topics, were far more likely to be searched for on a mobile device than at a desktop.

“Two factors are influencing this mobile behavior,” writes iCrossing’s Nuria Sadurni. “An obvious one is privacy – with mobile browsing users can check things in a more private environment. The second factor is pure entertainment; users can check ‘women stuff on-the-go’ during their spare time.”

And when they’re not seeking out advice, they turn their phones into glossy mags with searches for celebrities and gossip also appearing on the list.
However, it seems women aren’t yet wholly comfortable with doing business via their mobiles. Such transactions are seen as too involved to be carried out on their devices and, says iCrossing, women prefer to use their desktops to make online purchases.

“Transactions such as buying a handbag are far more demanding (product comparison is key), particularly when mobile devices still present some limitations making it difficult to perform this type of task with ease,” says Sadurni.

By analyzing mobile search data, U.K.-based iCrossing uncovered interesting insights into what women are searching for via their mobile phones.

Brands should take note and find innovative ways in which to insert themselves into this mobile search behavior. Providing content such as top tips, how-to’s and professional advice on personal matters will all prove popular with women on-the-go.


3 thoughts on “Women use mobile search to find sex & career advice (Just Reporting!)

  1. This was absolutely fascinating, and underscores, to my mind, how women tend to identify easily what they need, and ask for advice. More men brood over what they need, or don’t admit it to themselves. But the key takeaway is also that when you consider inbound marketing, do not forget to optimize for mobile! Of course, depending upon what it is that you are selling! Other ideas how to use social media and top technology resources for the over 40 cohort can be found on our website,, where we cater to that segment that wants advice for gaining back their career mojo. Way to go with well-researched, actionable advice, you folks at The Mobile Marketer!


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  3. LOL! I totally have some friends that use their cells in this way…..but they have more free time than me.

    I am usually at the desktop working….so….but research is good! Got to target the masses!


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