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Who’s really talking and who’s actually texting on their mobile phones?


Although it may seem as if everyone in American now has a cellular phone – and a good many do – a report from NielsenWire indicates that some consumers are talking, some are texting and some do a little of everything.

So, who is talking the most? African Americans. According to the NielsenWire report African Americans consume more than 1,300 mobile minutes each month. Comparatively, Hispanic consumers talk about 826 minutes and Asian/Pacific Island consumers talk about 692 minutes each month. Caucasian consumers talk about 647 minutes per month.

What about texters? Turns out African Americans are also texting the most, sending and receiving about 780 messages each month. Hispanic consumers send and receive about 767 messages and Caucasian consumers text about 566 times per month. Asian/Pacific Island consumers text about 384 times per month.

The report also indicates:
• Women talk for more than 850 minutes (monthly)
• Women send or receive texts more than 600 times per month
• Men talk for roughly 665 minutes (monthly)
• Men about 447 times per month
• Teens text more than adults, sending/receiving nearly 3,000 messages per month
• Southern and Mid-Western states, along with New York are more apt to talk via mobile
• Pennsylvania, Ohio, Alabama, Oklahoma, Kansas, Wyoming and Utah consumers are most likely to text

Although most Americans are talking and texting, many still find texting ‘instrusive’. According to a recent report from Pew Research Center’s Internet & American Lift Project, 72% of US adults are texting but more than 85% find it rude when other people text or check their mobiles while holding a conversation.


2 thoughts on “Who’s really talking and who’s actually texting on their mobile phones?

  1. Great info, very timely, relevant.


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