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How to engage foodies and why you need to…

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Why are foodies important? Because nearly 100% of the consumer base cook on a daily basis and they don’t just want traditional baked chicken and mashed potatoes. Amateur chefs are moms, dads, young adults, seniors and busy families – they are hungry for great food at discount prices. Already here is the Food Network on cable television, personal chefs litter the daytime television space and a brand new network geared to ‘home cooking enthusiasts’ is launching in just a few weeks here in the US.

How can brands engage foodies? Through ads and social media. First, social media.
“In today’s online ecosystem, brands need to establish a strong presence on Facebook, and already over 135 brands have surpasses 1 million followers,” said Gurbaksh Chahal, Founder and CEO of RadiumOne. The RadiumOne platform just released a new tool which directs consumers to a brand’s Facebook page from ads, allowing consumers to like brands and engage more deeply with brands of their choice.

Experts around the marketing realm are telling businesses to get into social media, but many brands aren’t certain what to offer in a social setting. Now, cooking and recipe information won’t work for all brands, but for food or cooking supply brands or even weight management brands, this type of information is exactly what consumers want. Why not create a recipe of the day or have fans add in their recipe information? Partner with a CPG brand to offer coupons on popular cooking items?
Now, ads. A recent study from found that there is a new segment of cooks; this segment is active online and looking for recipes, tips, tools and tricks to improve their meal planning.

“Our study indicates that “Real Cooks” are…looking online, and to online advertisements in particular, to learn about new recipes and new products,” said Evan Minskoff, Vice President of Marketing for the About Group. “[Advertisers] are presented with the opportunity to reach these consumers at key moments of need. For example, adding utility to advertisements through printable coupons and nutritional information can help advertisers increase their chance of engaging these intent-driven cooks.”
What can brands do to engage? Add ads with printable coupons, product information or free samples along with printable recipes and shopping lists or videos. What will consumers do?

The About study found that consumers:
• Clicked such ads (40%)
• Printed such coupons (37%)
• Tried or purchased new products (35%)

Mobile apps are another way brands can engage with foodies. Augme Technologies has a mobile platform , called AD LIFE, which is helping to connect foodies with recipes and food information through the app space.

The platform recently launched campaigns with Constellation Wines and Delverde; the campaigns will help to engage consumers with brands by offering information and recipes matching consumer interests. The platform uses QR codes, those two-dimensional codes on packaging, to pass along information. When a user scans the code onto their smartphone, they can receive recipes and other food information directly.

Cooking, amateur chefs and recipe finders are crawling all over the Internet. They’re hungry for information about cooking and will make purchases based on the ads they find. So, brands, what’s cooking? Maybe you should be.


One thought on “How to engage foodies and why you need to…

  1. Brands need to engage with social networking of that there is no doubt. Brands need to react to this new landscape one where the power lies with the consumer and consumption of brand messages is chosen. Brands need to consider the nature of their presence on Facebook and ask themselves what they could offer their potential audience.


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