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Email marketers ‘should step up to the mobile marketing plate’

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Email marketing is undergoing an “exciting” series of changes which marketers need to keep abreast of, an expert has said. Writing for Media Post, Gretchen Scheiman said the changes were being influenced by mobile and social marketing.

“While these channels are both far broader than email in many respects, there is a component of each that is simply ´messaging´. That´s where email marketers need to step up to the plate and take some ownership. Both are messaging opportunities that go to an inbox,” she explained.

Those with experience in email marketing should be able to apply the skills they have acquired in the field of mobile marketing too, Ms Scheiman added.

In addition, she said it was a mistake for social media strategies to be left in the hands of a company´s PR group as they “don´t get CRM or acquisition (or ROI)” in the way marketing professionals do.

In a recent article for, industry commentator Ed Henrich said SMS is an effective channel for email and mobile list acquisition.


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