The Mobile Marketer

Mobile is becoming not only the new digital hub but also the bridge to the physical world. That’s why mobile will affect more than just your digital operations — it will transform your entire business

Why Go Mobile? (HINT…Your Audience Has Gone Mobile. So Should You.)

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Why Go Mobile?

American Idol, NBC, Barack Obama, Starbucks, Gap, New York Times, Pizza Hut, Google, The Weather Channel, Coca-Cola — these are just a few examples of big companies and organizations utilizing mobile text broadcast to reach their audiences – and the list will only get longer!

Mobile enjoys a 95% read rate!
Because it is a highly personal communications tool, mobile is the most effective way to involve consumers and deliver time-sensitive messages — better than email, radio, TV or print. Text Broadcasting can reach over 200 million consumers in the U.S. with text-enabled phones.
• Mobile is the hottest, newest form of advertising.
» It’s hip. It’s hot. And it’s your most direct link to your customers.
» Mobile is available virtually everywhere.
» 84% of Americans have cell phones.
» Around 50 billion text messages are sent every single month.
» It’s an extension of the Internet and all its marketing applications.

• Effective tool for connecting with customers.
» People take their mobile phones everywhere they go.
» Mobile is a highly desirable CRM tool for Customer Care and PR.
» Mobile can help enhance any Web and email-based marketing.

• Affordable and easily available to every small business.

» Mobile advertising is no longer just for big brands with big budgets.
» Having a mobile presence is now very affordable.
» Mobile is great for both local or national marketing campaigns.


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