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Top 20 reasons why all retailers should have mobile sites


There is no doubt about that mobile usage on the rise
First it was the Internet and now it is mobile. New technology is creating a plethora of challenges for retailers, one of which is the new, empowered consumer.

As reluctant as you may be, (You know who you are!) retailers need to have mobile commerce-enabled sites if they want to stay on top of the game. Here are the top 20 reasons why retailers need to have a mobile commerce site.

1. Internet usage is up – With more people using the Internet from their Web-enabled mobile device, retailers that do not have a mobile commerce site will be left in the dust.

2. Exposure – Store locators on mobile sites are one example of how mobile can help retailers increase their exposure to consumers. Additionally, a mobile retail site means that the brand is in the consumers’ hand or pocket even when they are out and about and that definitely increases exposure.

3. 24/7 shopping – Retail locations close each evening and open the next morning, leaving a window of time in which consumers cannot buy things. Retailers’ Web sites do address these challenges but only if the consumer is at home in front of their PC. A mobile site allows consumers to make purchases 24/7, wherever they are.

4. Impulse buys – The mobile Internet is great for impulse shopping. Say Jane really likes the sweater her friend is wearing. She can go on the retailer’s site and buy it right then and there. Hoping that Jane will get home and buy the sweater from her PC or waiting until tomorrow to go to the retailer’s location is relying on luck and not momentum.

5. Increase sales – A mobile retail site is an additional sales channel and is sure to bring retailers incremental revenue.

6. Comparison shopping on-the-go – With the economy not doing that well, consumers are extra careful in their purchase decisions. Mobile sites allow consumers to comparison-shop while on the go and can be used as a shopping tool when consumers are actually in the store.

7. Coupons and deals – On that same note, mobile sites can help penny-pinching consumers find deals and coupons that they can use to redeem at the point of sale or via a mobile purchase.

8. Inventory management– Consumers can check in-store availability via a retailer’s mobile site instead of calling one of its call centers. It saves the retailer time and money.

9. Database/CRM – Mobile sites can ask consumers to opt-in for marketing communications from the retail brand, helping retailers build a database of names for future marketing. Because these consumers choose to be on this list, they are extra responsive to campaigns and promotions.

10. Fulfillment and returns – A mobile commerce site can help retailers with fulfillment and returns.

11. Stay ahead of the game – A mobile site helps retailers keep up with their competition. Retailers that are first-to-market with their mobile site are establishing an early relationship with mobile consumers. They basically get a head-start in mobile.

12. Check order status 24/7 – A mobile site also serves as a 24/7 customer service representative. Consumers can check their order status right from the retailer’s mobile site and retailers can cut back the number of call center representatives they have, ultimately saving money.

13. Appeal to affluent, tech-savvy consumers – Affluent and tech savvy consumers are usually the ones that spend the most when they come into a retail location. Giving this demographic of users the ability to shop a retail site at any time and in any place will definitely boost sales.

14. Sign up for promotions – There is no better time to target someone with a retail promotion than when they are on that retailer’s site.

15. Multichannel marketing – Retailers can add an additional element of exposure to their existing multichannel promotions by including them and their calls-to-action on a mobile retail site.

16. Drive them in-store – Whether it is coupons or special sale events, a mobile site can help drive consumers to the store.

17. Take advantage of location-based services – Retailers can use their mobile sites to target consumers who are close to their retail locations and serve promotions based on where potential customers are. So if Jane is passing by Macy’s while surfing the retailer’s site, serving her an ad for 50 percent off anything in-store will surely get her through the door.

18. Data capture – See what consumers are doing on a retail site and the next time they visit, tailor offers based on their previous behavior.

19. Photo galleries and videos to promote specific products to consumers on the go – With a really great mobile commerce site, retailers can engage consumers and present products in a unique way.

20. Branding – Consumers tend to align themselves with brands that are hip and up-and-coming. Having a cool mobile site that intrigues the target audience may be additional branding.

A special thanks to Giselle Tsirulnik for this Article from The Mobile Marketer


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  4. The guys at MoFuse referenced your site (top 10 list) so I thought I’d check the source and see what i can learn. Interesting to see how the MoFuse model is blossoming.


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