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Mobile internet to surpass PC web within 5 years…DUH!

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More users will access the Internet via mobile devices than desktop PCs within five years, according to a Dec. 16 report from Morgan Stanley’s Mary Meeker, one of the analysts who predicted the original Internet boom. “The mobile Internet is ramping faster than desktop Internet did,” according to the report.

Smartphones, e-book readers, connected in-car electronics and wireless home appliances like gaming consoles would sell more than 10 billion units by 2020. That’s ten times more devices than there are desktop PCs, according to the report.

Here’s one interesting observation from the report: Meeker believes that the mobile Internet revolution will produce a new crop of winners, whose ranks won’t include today’s giants. Microsoft, Cisco and Intel benefited from proliferation of PCs. Desktop Internet computing lead to the birth of Google, eBay and Yahoo. Mobile Internet computing winners are yet to be defined, she writes. “It’s notable that, after years in the backwaters of global mobile development, American companies (led by the likes of Apple, Facebook, and Google) are becoming mobile Internet innovation pacesetters,” according to the report.


One thought on “Mobile internet to surpass PC web within 5 years…DUH!

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