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Mobile Advertising and Marketing-“Change Is in the Air” (A Staggering Forecast!)


Mobile has long represented little more than a rounding error in most advertising and marketing budgets, despite the burgeoning number of mobile users and their increasingly sophisticated devices and usage patterns.


As with online advertising, dollars flowing to mobile will continue to lag behind consumer usage of the channel. And compared with online ad spending, mobile looks minuscule: eMarketer estimates that mobile ad spending, including messaging-based formats, will reach $416 million in 2009, compared with the nearly $24 billion that will be spent overall for online advertising.
While many marketers have been reluctant to embrace a channel that lacks proven use cases, an increasing number have begun to realize the “additive effect” of mobile on their other advertising and marketing efforts. As smartphones proliferate and marketers move beyond experimentation, budgets will steadily increase. eMarketer predicts that spending on mobile advertising will gain momentum over the next five years, reaching $1.56 billion by 2013.


4 thoughts on “Mobile Advertising and Marketing-“Change Is in the Air” (A Staggering Forecast!)

  1. Wow! I knew the budgets were growing but I had no clue so fast. Can I reprint or have a link to this article on my blog. or my website


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  3. you can see that there is a massive growth in online advertising these days, google paved the way on ppc ‘.,


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