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Of course SMS should be part of your overall marketing strategy!


News reports from the spring OMMA Mobile conference indicate that marketers who haven’t used SMS are still a little wary of the platform. The epiphany they had, according to a Washington Post article: “Using mobile as part of an integrated marketing plan made enormous sense.”
DUH! Of course it does! You can’t have a Text Message Marketing campaign that follows best practices unless it compliments or is part of an overall strategy using multiple channels. A marketer needs to promote a company’s short code (the five- or six-digit number) and keyword (like SHOP or DRINK) so that consumers will text-in on their own volition.

Put your shortcode and keyword in print ads in newspapers and magazines, on billboards, or—for retailers, restaurants, and hospitality businesses like hotels and casinos—in signage posted on-site. If you already have TV or radio commercials in your marketing budget, you can make sure the commercials announce your short code and keyword, too.

After deployment, marketers must determine how well an SMS campaign did—and compare that channel with other media being used in an overall marketing strategy. There are many different platforms, with various campaign analysis tools, allows you to do just that.

While SMS can make for an effective, high-ROI marketing campaign, it is also essential to include texting as part of an overall, multi-channel strategy. It’s also important to see how SMS performs, both by itself and compared to other campaigns across message types in an integrated marketing plan. By doing all this, a marketer can be sure that he or she is reaching every consumer the way they want to be reached.


2 thoughts on “Of course SMS should be part of your overall marketing strategy!

  1. That is true, most people will usually stick with one method because it works. But it is better sometimes to spread the eggs around multi baskets. This will decrease the risk.


  2. The use of shortcodes and keywords in current marketing campaigns adds huge value in terms of an immediate call to action for a consumer.

    After being exposed to your brand they can send a request for further information or contact. This allows your business to generate new leads for minimal extra ad spend.


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