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It’s time to put Text Message Marketing to the test…(Your assistance required)


Never mind the BEST technology, the BEST platform, or even the BEST user interface, (save it for your own promotions!)

We’re looking for the “Golden Key”, the “Magic Solution”.


I want you to reply with your BEST solution for enticing the consumer to “Opt-In”.

There must be a solution out there working this magic with something other than a “Special Offer”, “Keyword” or a “Short Code”.

It’s time to show your creativity and share your most resourceful tool for hitting the target in mobile marketing & advertising: What’s in it for the customer?


4 thoughts on “It’s time to put Text Message Marketing to the test…(Your assistance required)

  1. As a proximity/Bluetooth mobile marketing company, we also have been trying many different ways to engage and get people to participate and opt-in.

    A few things we have done that have worked:

    Nightlife locations:
    At a popular night life location, the DJ of the event actually tells everyone to turn on their Bluetooth and set to discoverable for exclusively promoted drink specials. We saw our stats sky rocket during that times that the DJ made the announcement. I am sure this could work with a captive audience for SMS campaigns as well.

    Mobile Advertising Contest: BZMM gave away NBA playoff tickets to one random winner selected through our Bluetooth powered mobile contest feature of our software. Consumers were informed about winning the tickets via Bluetooth and we were able to deliver our content for our advertisers and send ONE winning file to a phone within the area!

    We know you asked for BEST but we wanted to share a few. I am sure there will be more creative “calls to action” for opt-ing in and participating in mobile campaigns. We can wait to hear about them!


  2. I am not creative with this but i did saw examples of how people use sms marketing for their business.


  3. Our Mobile Marketing solution is performing very well in a number of national campaigns including this one with Kawasaki…

    We deliver a patented Hidden Image to a mobile device that contains a prize message, the partcipant does not know if they’ve won the big prize or something else so in order to find out the must take their mobile device to a retail or event location, find the “Decoder” display, which has a colored film window, hold their device behind the film to reveal their prize.

    It generates a lot of store traffic, fantastic ROI and real time analytics, etc.

    It works in virtually any type of advertising, mobile or otherwise.


  4. We have a Mobile web based service for Coupons and Promotions, (iPhone, S60 clients to follow) which is Opt in, we have been actively working with retail associations etc, here in the UK and Sweden and have had great initial success with our service.

    I have attached a link so you can see for yourself our service..


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