Enterprise Mobility Strategies Introduce Measurable Benefits & Tangible Returns

New research from Unisys Corporation shows that enterprises worldwide are realizing measurable business results by implementing formal programs for using mobile strategies and technologies to support their workers and reach customers more effectively. The study shows a wide gap in success among organizations that have implemented comprehensive mobility strategies and those that have not. “Mobile enterprises”—defined as […]

For mobile, it’s the right place, right time, right now

Mobile’s impact is undeniable, but its “moment” cannot be boxed into a single year – it is an evolution.  This evolution is now at a point where mobile – specifically smartphones and tablets – is more pervasive than it has ever been. Consequently, the experiences it enables is allowing brands to engage with consumers in […]

Five Reasons Why Your Nonprofit Must Prioritize the Mobile Web in 2014

The Mobile Web is often discussed as a future trend that nonprofits have time to prepare for, but the reality is that by the end of 2014, the majority of your supporters and donors will be viewing your website, email communications,  blogs, and social media content on smartphones and tablets. In truth, the Mobile Web is already […]

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Modica (Sonic Mobile’s parent company) Investment in R&D spurs business growth in unusual markets

Kiwi software as a service company Modica is looking to develop more international partnerships after significant investment establishing their platform has allowed them to deliver their products and services anywhere in the world. The Modica Group, (Sonic Mobile’s parent company)  which provides a suite of mobile and ISP applications for engaging with customers via the […]


Many Marketers Unprepared For New SMS Guidelines

Written consent required for SMS marketing  Marketers who do not have prior written consent from consumers to send them marketing messages via SMS will potentially face fines of up to $1,500 per  unsolicited message starting Oct. 16 under new guidelines. The new Telephone Consumer Protection Act guidelines going into effect next month require written, auditable […]